So THIS happened...

So THIS Happened...


The backordered fridge/freezer came today - times two!

The Dometic CFX3 95DZ is exactly what I need for FifVANella: large fridge capacity to keep my medicine and food cool and large freezer capacity to keep Maddie's fancy dog food cold, all while running on 12 volts and controllable via smartphone.

The initial problem was that Dometic was perpetually out of stock and wouldn't take "Wait List" orders. So, I shopped around and found a nice independent oudoor outfitter that would, and placed my order. They emailed to say the item was backordered and would ship directly from the manufacturer when available.

I never got an email that said "the fridge/freezer is on its way" so I had no idea that today I'd open my door to find TWO mammoth boxes of mobile cooling gold in the hallway.

I emailed the lovely gentlemen over at Rhino Adventure Gear to ask how they wanted me to return the bonus unit. Jason at Rhino immediately replied to thank me for my honesty. It's a pretty sorry state of affairs that honesty is the exception, not the norm. Of course I'd return the extra unit! I would never want them to eat the cost of the manufacturer's mistake. These things are worth a small used car; I'm not going to steal that from anyone.

Jason is sending me a return label so I can shove this into the half of the car I don't occupy (seriously, this thing is HUGE) and send it on it's merry way to it's rightful owner. If you are in the market for outlander/outdoor gear, throw your bucks over to the good guys at Rhino Adventure Gear. Tell them Dasha sent you!


Update! Look at what the cool guys at Rhino Adventure Gear sent me as a thank you!

It'll keep my noggin toasty when I drive cross-country in the winter.


UPDATE: The fridge/freezer we kept was a lemon. We tried our best to make it work, but Dometic eventually just sent us a replacement.