Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: How long did it take to build?

A: Approximately 7 months of part-time work. End of September 2020 - End of April 2021. Tweaks and improvements still ongoing.

Q: Who built it?

A: The amazingly talented Jeff Nelson of San Pedro, CA.

The inventive John Haywood of San Diego, CA did the solar install.

Q: How much money did it cost?

A: A lot.

Q: What kind of van is that?

A: It's a silver 2020 RAM Promaster 1500 with a 118" wheelbase, low roof.

Q: What is that thing and where did you buy it?

A: You can find most of the products we used here.

Q: What kind of wood did you use?

A: Marine Grade Plywood with a Douglas Fir veneer and the darker accent wood is Purpleheart

Q: Where are you travelling and when?

A: Heading to the East Coast from Los Angeles around the beginning of May 2023.