The New Bed


Cut a new Ikea mattress down to fit crosswise. Added special underlayment to help airflow underneath the mattress. Added incline wedges to offset the tilt of the van down toward the curb and to lift my head a bit to counter acid reflux while I sleep. I also reused two decorative bedrails Jeff made out of purpleheart wood, cutting them in half and making them retainers to keep the mattress in place.

Next task: remove and shorten the upper cabinets to make room for my feet when laying in bed.

Next task: Re-install the shortened upper cabinets.

Upper cabinets removed.

Next task: create a frame to hold a protective plastic cover (velcro-ed on and removeable) for all the switches and gages at my feet.

Next task: thread shock cord vertically through the edge of the cabinet shelves to keep objects from falling out. Not going to replace the doors on the upper cabinets. Might add sliding curtains to hide all the stuff.

Shortened upper cabinets re-installed.