Pondering Pooping


I started off with the simplest way to relieve myself on the road: a trash bag lining a bucket with a seat on top. Then I got a fancier bucket and some Poo Powder.

Then I read way too much on the subject. Then I actually spent some time in the van and thought "This is REALLY SMALL." Then I measured where the fancier bucket would live and it just wouldn't fit.

After brainstorming the very few places a van toilet could live inside there, I measured in between the driver seat and passenger seat - where there is no center console (which always bugged me). Room for a custom skinny composting toilet? I think... yes.

Take at look at the "POTtoman."

UPDATE: 90º angles are bad for mobile toilets. The rigid PVC pipes leaked. So, I replaced them with flexible tubing. *Fingers crossed* that solves it. *** Also scared that the pee funnel is just too small - designed by a man; well-executed, just undersized by design.

06/2021 UPDATE: I have concluded that the pee funnel is indeed too small. Really, every one of the three different funnel-type devices I've now tried are all a bust. *TMI ALERT* Maybe my "pee pattern" is just too wide. Since I'm the one using this, whatever system I use needs to accomodate MY needs. So, I am giving up on separation of liquids and solids. If I was living in the van full-time, I'd probably buy an existing system (which take up a LOT of space), but I'm just a part-time adventurer. So, putting everything in one pot, covered with pine pellets or other absorbant compostable material and then dumping that full bag in the trash every other day or so will work just fine.

What won't work is the inside of the current Pottoman (1.0). Jeff did some amazing intricate work to perfectly fit and secure the liquid & solid containers we had wanted to use. He used glue and nails, then waterproofed it all. In other words: that stuff ain't budging. So, I need to build a new outer box for the Pottoman 2.0. I just got all the wood milled for the box and will re-use the top four hinged flaps and the same top lid, modified with magnets to keep it closed.