Improving Ventilation

Right now air flow in the van sucks, and not in the way it's supposed to.

Two main issues: the roof fan isn't pulling much air at all and the rear vent isn't allowing air flow.

The Roof Fan:

At first I thought the fan wasn't doing much because I got the cheap one. Then I remembered that I bought the cheap one - not because I'm cheap - but because it was the only one that fit the small space we had left on the roof. So, gotta' make it work somehow.

You can see in the video below that it's stunted air flow is probably due to how it's seated into the roof; too deeply. So there isn't enough clearance at the top for it to pull in air or expel it out.

I will investigate cuttting away some material, reseating the fan assembly or even replacing it - with what, I'm not sure right now.

The Rear Door Vent:

My brilliant idea to hide air vents behind the license plate to be more stealth is only brilliant if it works. Right now there is no direct air flow, so I'm hoping to boost that with some centrifugal computer case fans. They are flat and directional. I ordered one for intake and one for exhaust. I'll wire them up separately to use as needed.


Going to try installing this bank of fans where the AC register used to be in the back door.

Climbed up on the roof for the first time in a long time and determined that the Ventline Roof Fan actually does have enough room to "breathe;" it's just a crappy, cheap fan that doesn't move any air.

Currently determining if I need to rip everything associated with the cheap Ventline fan out in order to install the more expensive, but higher-CFM-rated MaxxFan Dome.

Their dimensions are nearly identical. I hope that I can just pull of the insides of the Ventline, retaining the collar, and install the MaxxFan insides w/in.

*** I am constantly hitting my head on the handle of the roof fan in the "closed" position. The MaxxFan's handle is even bigger. I am now leaning towards covering the current 6.25" hole in the roof with sheet metal, screws and sealant so I can cut a smaller hole to accomodate a diffferent kind of fan/ventilator on top. No pesky handle to impale my scalp and it should just barely fit between the solar panels. Wish me luck.


I think I'm just going to have to do big scary things, like cut out the exisiting Ventline fan completely and then do a clean install of a new vent/fan.

I'll also most likely cut at least one, maybe two, large holes in the rear doors in order to install pop-up horse vents.

I've been dreaming of this C&G "Winglet" roof vent fan for months. It would barely fit on my roof as currently configured. It can't go in the existing hole because that hole is 6.25" and the hole for this needs to be 3.14". Easy to make a small hole bigger. Virtually impossible to make a big hole smaller. :-(

*** Research shows it's possbile to repair the roof hole with sheet metal, so I can try the smaller hole. See thoughts above.

This solar-powered exhaust fan for passive ventialtion is very tempting. It also needs a smaller hole.

I've also been reading good things about installing a floor vent, as well. Might do that eventually...


I climbed up on the roof and tried switching out the stock inpeller from the Ventline with a modified more standard impeller. It sort of worked. The new impeller moved air much better, but not enough to make a huge difference, and it was noisy as Heck. So, glad I tried it, but it's a bust.