From CAS on the promaster forums on creative use of flexible water tanks:

"Imagine a full 5 gal flexible tank. Put it in a box. Slip in an empty identical flexible tank next to or on top of it which takes up almost no space being empty. Water moves from the full tank, down the drain and into the empty tank. Unless you add water from another source, the total volume of water remains 5 gal and the tanks expand and contract to accommodate the movement from fresh to gray. With two jerry cans you are always storing 5 gal of air."

A Piece of Sky...

I have so little space on the roof, because we're covering it with 4 solar panels, and I have to figure out a way to put at least one 6" push fan on there for ventilation. I'm really hoping that I can put at least a tiny dome up there, too, in between panels so I can see a piece of sky.

After spitballing and a lot of measuring on the actual roof and ceiling of FifVANella, John (solar guy) and I figured out how to get that piece of sky in there.

A 9"l x 2"w sliver of thick plexiglass over a sliver of cut-open roof, very well-sealed, can be wedged in between the the two rear solar panels.

So, when I lay back in bed, I'll be able to see a star or two at night and wake up to a shaft of sunlight in the morning. Every little bit counts when you're in a window-less cargo van (the front windows will be covered with custom solar shades).

Plenty of room...

For adorable kids and lots of love.