Trial Road Trip


I set out from West Hollywood in FifVANella on a test trip of sorts. I didn't even get five minutes down Melrose Avenue before smashing my passenger side mirror. I cut it too close to an extra-wide pick-up truck with extra-extra-wide mirrors outstretched. The truck belonged to a really mellow contractor who was stunned that I would stop and take responsibility for hitting his truck. He said that I was "good people" and told me his brother would fix up his not-too-badly-damaged mirror, so just CASH App him $30. Which I did.

I pulled out my aluminum tape and wrapped up the shattered bits of my mirror before heading back out on the road. Luckily, I have the video set-up still intact, so was able to use the camera mounted on the bottom of the smashed mirror to have a perfect view out and behind my passenger side. I guess that there's no more being precious about every tiny bump to FifVANella; she's had her side scraped and her mirror smashed. She's a lady with character and stories to tell now.

I drove to San Diego to pick-up my new ebike! I've been following the JackRabbit Bike since it's first Kickstarter years ago and corresponding with the inventor Jack Piszkin. It's been fun to follow the design and production process all the way up to the arrival of the components from China. It was thrilling to actually meet Tom and watch him assemble the components in his workshop and get an inside peek at the JackRabbit 3.0 upgrades.

Jeff & I had the dimensions of the JackRabbit and planned just enough space in the back of the van to accomodate the folded bake. It fit with about 1/8" to spare! I can't wait to ride it. ;-)